Tips to Buying The Perfect Smartphone

Investing in a smartphone is a touch different from buying regular mobile devices. So, you need to do right thinking in order to buy the right smartphone that is capable of doing catering to your needs. Here are a couple tips that produce your smartphone buying notice a simple one: 


The very first thing you need to think about before investing in a smartphone is perfect for what purpose you are likely to use it. You need to use it for social purpose or solely for business purpose. If socializing will be the main objective then you need to go with phones with lots of social media applications integrated in it. If you are intending doing his thing for business purpose then go for phones with office software inside it.

Phone Usage

Phone usage is a vital factor you need to consider before selecting a smartphone. If you are intending to in excess of-put it to use go for phones that require less frequent charging. The prime-tech features that a smartphone offers could possibly be alluring but if your phone battery keeps going flat then these features are needless.


You can concentrate on one type of phone based on your own keypad preference. If you like QWERTY keypad over general keypad or touch-screen phones, go for smartphones with QWERTY keypad.


The main reason why many people looking for smartphones ahead of regular cellular phones is always that these smartphones provide you with the feature of multi-tasking. So, be sure that your new phone is capable of handling multiple functions simultaneously. This could help you make your smartphone experience a much smoother one.

Different Ways of Using An Old Smartphone

Use it for GPS and Map Services

Utilizing your old phone as a Global location system is indeed a great idea by itself. If you have a car charger then quite a few as being a great Global positioning system unit because Smartphones require battery. Also data connection is necessary in order to do the mapping service. For you’ll want to use a navigation application that can do pre-loading of maps. People owning Android phones can use the present sort of Google maps. 

Keep it to make emergency calls

Whenever your new phone’s battery gets exhausted you can always make use of your old phone to create calls. To put it briefly during an emergency situation your old phone can act handy to suit your needs. If suppose your old phone does not have a SIM card and you’re simply busy taking an official call then you may still dial emergency calls since the Federal Communications Commission sees into it that most cellphone carriers transmit all 9-1-1 calls to some PASP (Public Safety Answering Point) even when the caller is just not enrolled in the vendor.

Use it as a portable media player

Smartphones besides getting used in making calls, messages, or official use could also be used like a great media player. People that continue traveling from place to place require some entertainment to ensure that they’re occupied. After that your old Smartphone can be used listening songs, watching movies and much more. Though your old phone might possibly not have an information connection everywhere but users have access to app stores MP3’S, YouTube, and even do web browsing.