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Smartphone Vs Tablet – Pros And Cons

Getting a new phone is not an easy affair with so many options that are offered inside the overcrowded market. It might be more confusing when you have to choose between a smartphone as well as a tablet. Continue reading to learn how you’ll be able to select a device you really want instead of the one you desire!

Size Matters

The difference inside the screen size in the smartphone and tablet could be the first notable and important difference. A Smartphone is supposed to be smaller in dimensions and much more compact while a tablet can be a larger option with a bigger display size. However, the size difference is now blurring as some phones have a display size much likes that of a Tablet.

Task Offers

If you wish to play games for hours on end round in your fancy gadget and watch the newest movies or look at interesting books, then the choice is definitely a Tablet.

The greater screen and video quality will assure that there is a comfortable experience while performing every one of these activities on the Tablet. Although, every one of these is possible over a Smartphone too however the small display size will make it annoying for you to keep scrolling nearly everywhere.


Texting and messaging is not a worry with a Smartphone using its handy design. So, if you are a Whatsapp or Facebook addict and send a lot of emails or updates throughout the day, a smartphone happens to be a better option. On the other hand it’s not easy to keep a tablet and design texting like you do within a smartphone.